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History of casinos: When and who invented casino?

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How long have casinos been around? This question troubles the minds of more than one gambler who takes a rare break to freshen up and contemplate casino-related mysteries. This is a natural question because the history of casino gaming is just as spectacular as the history of war (only much more benevolent).

Almost everyone knows the things we have today. It takes but a few clicks to visit MyEmpire casino, place at least €10 worth of deposits, and start playing. Modern casinos such as MyEmpire have an outstanding 96% return to player rates and multiple support channels, so it’s easy to understand their benefits. But when did casinos start? And what was gambling like back then? We will explore these and many other questions in this blog article.

When were casinos invented?

Though some sources claim the opposite, most gambling historians agree that the first casino in the world was opened in the first half of the 17th century in Italy. As the first gambling venue in the world, Casino di Venezia opened its doors in 1638. That means we successfully answered the primary question of our topic (when was the first casino made), but there are more riddles to be solved.

Who invented casinos?

The issue of who invented the casino isn’t the simplest to figure out. However, we do know where did casinos originate, so we will play it safe by stating that Venetian noblemen were the ones who invented casino venues as we know them today.

If this is all you ever wanted to know about the history of casinos, feel free to move on to the guide by GamblingOrb regarding the BetRiot gambling site. This is where you’ll learn the main details about BetRiot and its top-level gaming offers. But if you truly want to know the answer to the question “how did casinos start,” read on to seek further explanations.

For one, it is necessary to remember that Venetians did not invent gambling as such. This activity is much older, with some of the notable casino games dating back all the way to the BC era. So, how is it possible that the Republic of Venice launched the first official casino business in its brick and mortar form?

The answer is pretty straightforward – this small Italian republic used to be extremely rich a few centuries ago. Yes, Venice is still one of the most commonly visited tourist destinations internationally, but that’s nothing compared to the influence it had some four hundred years ago. This was the time when the Republic of Venice was among the most powerful trading states in the world, which made it insanely rich.

Seriously, these guys could afford practically anything those days. And as you already know, gambling isn’t exactly cheap, so it took a well-off society to open the world’s initial casino venue.

Where did the word casino come from?

This is another important question for a devoted gaming fan. So, where does the word casino come from?

If you thought ‘Italy’, you guessed it right.

‘Casa’ is an Italian word for ‘little house’. To put it simply, this means a casino used to be a cozy little house of gambling for aristocrats in the Republic of Venice. This was the place where visitors could play the best games with or against like-minded individuals from Venice or abroad. More importantly, this place gathered well-off individuals who could afford to play gambling games.

Online gambling history

Fast forward to the 1990s and we get to the origin of digital gambling. As the internet gained widespread popularity, it offered a quite revolutionary platform for users to engage in virtual betting as well as gaming.

The pivotal moment actually came in 1994 when the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade & Processing Act. This document provided the legal framework for the issuance of licenses to online casinos. Though it sounds boring, it’s a critical juncture because this legislative act marked the formal inception of the online gambling industry. Over the years, many factors helped shape a diverse and much more competitive landscape:

–        Technological advancements

–        Secure payment methods

–        Regulatory frameworks

–        Specialized computer programs

All these elements gave a tremendous boost to the expanding business. That’s why today we get to see thousands of digital casinos all over the place.

Gambling history marches on

The history of gambling spreads centuries, but something tells us that it’s just warming up. We believe that there’s a much longer road ahead of modern casinos because their influence is getting bigger by the day. What do you think about it? Let us know your opinion regarding the impressive history of casino gaming!


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