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8 Best Video Game Minigames You Need to Play

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Video games are a popular form of entertainment that help break the monotony of daily life. Depending on the game, you can immerse yourself in adventures in ancient lands, drive at breakneck speeds, or play as fantasy characters.

Game developers constantly push the boundaries with the latest technology and updates to keep players returning for more. Most games offer realistic graphics and fine-tuned audio to create the most memorable and impactful experiences possible.

For this very reason, many games also include minigames. These usually take the form of small challenges within a main game that take you on a different path or require you to do something different from the main game’s objective.

Read on for a list of the eight best video games that feature minigames that are almost as fun as the main games themselves!

1. Orlog

Valhalla, Orlog is a game you might not have heard of before. However, if you’ve been lucky enough to stumble across the game while playing as the Viking Eivor, you’ll know how fun it can be.

It is a relatively straightforward dice game but has a slight learning curve due to the detail and effort put into its development. The aim of the game is to diminish your opponent’s health by removing their stones. Each player starts with 15 stones (or health points) and loses one each time they lose a hand.

2. Gwent

Card games are timeless and have provided endless entertainment for generations. While playing The Witcher, you’ll have the chance to try a unique card game called Gwent. This minigame is so enjoyable that it could be a standalone game on its own and is a great way to take a break from The Witcher’s primary mission and relax.

Playing against an opponent, Gwent uses cards that represent two armies. Featuring artwork and characters you’ll recognize from The Witcher universe, each card has a unique ability and deals specific damage to the opposing army. While there is no actual prize for winning aside from bragging rights, this minigame is addictive enough to keep you playing for hours.

3. Poker

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most highly rated games released in recent years. The game offers an open world full of opportunities and areas to explore. Among these is a version of poker that is almost as fun as trying out Mega Moolah online for free in demo mode on

Based on the popular Texas Hold ‘Em version of the famous casino game, RDR2 lets you spend hours in the saloon trying to best your opponents and take their money.

4. Disco

Yakuza 0 is an open-world game where players walk around looking for a fight with anyone they feel deserves to be taught a lesson. More than this, it is filled with minigames that immerse you in various types of gameplay, each as enjoyable as the next.

One of the standout minigames the title offers is a game called Disco. Entirely removed from the regular fighting of Yakuza 0, this minigame places you on the dance floor for an epic battle of the best ‘80s moves. Learning how to get your character to move fluidly may take some time, but there is no end to the fun once you grasp it.

5. Cabbie

While more of a profession than a minigame, GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Online is home to one of the most basic and unique features available in any game. Here, players can head downtown and register as a cab driver.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to earn extra cash by ferrying people from one side of the city to the other. Although this may sound boring, driving to your next call is surprisingly entertaining. Acting as a cabbie helps hone your driving skills in the game, and the extra income certainly doesn’t hurt either.

6. Fishing

Fishing is a popular pastime found in several video games. Although the chance to pull a wiggling fish from shimmering waters is usually fun, no game makes the minigame as intuitive and entertaining as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Taking a break from the main game’s action, adventure, and fighting, Twilight Princess allows you to fish in almost any body of water using different baits and lures. The time of day you decide to play this minigame can even determine what fish you’ll catch.

7. Geometry Wars

Few minigames from major titles are so entertaining that they are later released as standalone titles. Geometry Wars, however, was so popular within Project Gotham Racing 2 that it spawned an entire series of new games.

Acting as an old-school arcade shooter, this game gives you control of a gun and requires you to shoot any of the various shapes flying toward you. Although styled as a simple game, the graphics are impressive and can quickly suck you into playing for longer than you intended.

8. Golf

Like its online counterpart referenced above, Grand Theft Auto V is home to numerous minigames. Each lets you take a break from crime and enjoy harmless fun that can quickly suck you in and make you forget about your next heist.

One of the most advanced and enjoyable minigames in the title is also the most unlikely: golf. Featuring a fully developed physics system and mechanics, the golf minigame is as fun as some of the best golf games that operate as standalone titles. GTA’s incredible graphics make hitting the ball high over the green fairway quite enjoyable. 


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