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Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse review – “”The setting is glorious, but struggles to make the transition”

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Before Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse was announced for the latest edition of D&D, it was more a matter of ‘when’ than ‘if.’ That’s because the setting’s city of Sigil has always had an arresting premise, and remains a cult classic amongst fans of the best tabletop RPGs. It’s the crossroads of the multiverse! A surreal metropolis outside of reality, where mortals and immortals from across the planes gather in a melting pot of cultures the likes of which cannot be imagined! Witness the curling Cage before you, radiant with interdimensional portals to everywhere and anywhere, all potential pathways for heroes, villains, gods, monsters, and everything in between! Cower at the mere sight of the enigmatic, omnipotent ruler known only as the Lady of Pain, and her army of emoji-loving Dr. Seuss characters!

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