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Legacy of Eggbert: Iconic Chicken Characters in Retro Gaming

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In retro gaming, where every pixel on the screen has its meaning, let’s go on an exciting journey back in time. Among the arcade classics and 8-bit masterpieces, a special place belongs to the characters that go on their adventures – chickens. Below, we will recall the best games where these feathered heroes created a unique atmosphere and continue to do so.

Eggbert and the Birth of a Legend

Lazernaut Games released the game in 2020, inspired by chickens. The main character is brave and always ready for adventures. Egbert has speed and endurance, and his primary weapon is eggs that he throws at his enemies. He can also jump to great heights and use special items, finds, or magical abilities.

The plots vary: he can go on journeys to rescue a princess, collect treasures, or fight sinister enemies, making him a symbol of entire gaming eras. The developers pay tribute to the 80s; you can easily read it from the graphics.

Mini Chicken Game

Even the most exciting theme can get boring without a bit of variety. That is why a mini game of Сhicken in casinos is worthy of no less attention. Each game has its unique mechanics and challenges. Among them:

  1. Egg Race: The player controls a chicken that tries to carry an egg over obstacles directly to the nest. It all happens in a limited time. The more collected, the better the win.
  2. Cocktail Bar: You choose the right ingredients and mix them to fulfill the orders of feathered customers.
  3. Exhibition: The task is to choose chickens according to specific criteria, whether feathers or size.
  4. Puzzle: The player builds a complete picture from fragments. It must be done in the minimum number of moves.

Of course, there are others, but they all have one thing in common: they allow you to break away from the main plot and enjoy the variety of gameplay.

Moorhuhn: Tiger and Chicken

This time, the chicken has more craziness, as does the story. That’s why you’ll find a lot of battles and unexpected twists and turns. Try to reach the end, saving your fellow citizens and the love of your life. Among the prominent features in one of the excellent chicken-based games, you can find various weapons, a complicated skill system, and high-quality 3D graphics.

Chicken Game Simulator

In this game, try to rise to the top of farming, starting with a small garden and no animals. All you have is the lost chicken genome; you better restore it. The simulator is unlike those where you just click and wait for the next harvest. You must apply strategy, explore a closed world, play mini-games, etc.

What’s nice is that you don’t have to choose a path of achievement. You can enjoy the gameplay like in the good old days, where the maximum is to build a chicken coop. Although the plot is worthy of attention, sometimes you just want to relax – the developer Trevor DePodesta gives you this opportunity.

Chicken Shoot Gold

This time, the birds are not your friends or pets. Now, you are the enemy. Compete against the roosters as you move from level to level. Each stage is more challenging than the last; you can choose the difficulty level.

The gameplay is accompanied by beautiful landscapes that change – six in total. The picture is complemented by cheerful music and sounds. Live mode lets you see the world leaderboard and win prizes if you try hard enough.

Hero – Bomb Chicken

There was an accident – the chicken escaped and started taking revenge by planting bombs in every place it saw. You need to save the world and discover why this behavior is. Perhaps the chicken is right, and you will join her? Or maybe you will fall into its trap and lose? You will only know if you try.

Bottom Line

When designers adopted the idea of playing with chickens, no one expected it to become a real hit. It started as a bold experiment – an attempt to bring freshness and a cheerful mood. A wave of interest accompanied the first release of the game with chickens. They quickly became a favorite among the player community, capable of causing laughter.

Regular updates turned the theme into a separate genre, where chickens had a personality and a page in the main plot. More precisely, all the pages. Now, you can try your hand at racing, card games, farms, bars, etc. We have reviewed the most exciting options above. There will be only more new products from providers, so keep an eye on them and give the old ones a chance. Especially if you like retro style games, you can balance your exploration of new products with a nostalgic embrace of the old ones which provide a well-rounded gaming experience that caters to your diverse tastes and preferences.


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