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Best Dota 2 Carry Heroes in 7.35d

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Dota 2 carry heroes in 7.35d are the backbone of a good battle. You can count on carry heroes to pound on new players and support heroes for additional gold throughout the game. Carry heroes play varied roles for their team, from pushing lanes, destroying towers, collecting neutral items from jungles, and scouring for enemy heroes. 

The strongest carry heroes can enter fights at will to annihilate opponents and save their allies from being killed. You can choose carry heroes from an extended roster of characters in Dota 2 to suit your gameplay. Be sure to roam the map with these carry heroes in the latest 7.35d patch for an enjoyable game with your friends.


Beastmaster is a Universal hero. He can hurl his Wild Axes to hit several creeps and heroes to weaken them in lanes. Wild Axes is the first ability you’ll need to max out for getting kills early in Dota 2. Enemy units hit by Wild Axes can take up to 125 damage per axe and additional damage per stack. He can use Wild Axes from a distance of 1500 and chop away trees around him. 

His passive skill, Inner Beast, has been improved in the 7.35d update. Beastmaster now gains 46 bonus attack speed by leveling up Inner Beast. He can attack enemies faster to deal damage with his physical attacks once Beastmaster learns Inner Beast. The carry hero can summon Wild Boars to slow his enemies. You can purchase a Phase Boots for Beastmaster for increased movement speed in battles. Phase Boots will also provide a good amount of damage to the melee hero.

You can stun enemy heroes with Primal Roar while playing Beastmaster. Enemies hit by Beastmaster’s ulti will be stunned for up to 3.75 seconds, giving your teammates adequate time to destroy them. It’ll also deal 300 damage and decrease movement speed of your opponents for 4 seconds. You can buy a Skull Basher for Beastmaster to get free kills. Skull Basher grants him 30 attack damage, 10 Strength, and a 25% chance to stun enemies with his strikes. The increased attack speed provided by Inner Beast will help the carry hero mitigate his opponents with his physical attacks.  

Beastmaster can sneak up on his enemies by equipping a Shadow Blade. He can turn invisible using the item for up to 17 seconds in the new 7.35d patch. You can break your invisibility with a hit on enemy heroes before stunning them with your ulti to disable them.

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend can level up in the mid lane. He is an Agility hero with multiple spells that can be cast to get a Killing Spree. You can max out Shadowraze to deal up to 900 damage to enemy heroes. The mana cost of Shadowraze is reduced from 90 to 75 in the 7.35d patch. Buy a Blink Dagger for Shadow Fiend to spring into battles for quick kills with the carry hero. Blink Dagger costs 2250 gold and allows Shadow Fiend to blink up to a distance of 1200 in any direction. 

You can farm in the jungle to gain bonus damage with Necromastery. Shadow Fiend can collect 20 souls by getting last hits to increase his attack damage. You can add 5 more souls to the collection by purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter for the Agility hero. 

An Eye of Skadi can turn Shadow Fiend into an incredible character. The item provides 22 Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. It also increases the health and mana of Shadow Fiend by 250 in the latest version of Dota 2. Enemy units around Shadow Fiend have their armor decreased by 7 due to Presence of the Dark Lord. Once his enemies are affected by his aura, Shadow Fiend can use his ulti to wipe out an entire team. 

Requiem of Souls deals 120 damage for each soul that Shadow Fiend has gathered. Enemy heroes hit by Shadow Fiend’s ulti will run towards their base, preventing your opponents from countering your allies in battles. You can buy a Daedalus for Shadow Fiend to deal critical damage with his physical attacks. Daedalus provides 88 attack damage, making him lethal during team fights in Dota 2. 


Weaver can eliminate enemy heroes in a few attacks. He can hit opponents twice with one strike by leveling up Germinate Attack. The bonus damage granted by Germinate Attack is increased to 70 in the latest 7.35d patch, giving Weaver plenty of attack damage for instant kills. You can nuke enemy heroes in your lane with The Swarm to reduce their armor in battles. 

The carry hero can move at max speed using Shukuchi to prevent enemies from escaping in Dota 2. Weaver can buy a Linken’s Sphere to protect himself against incoming spells for survivability. You can also cast his ulti, Time Lapse, to revert back to his health after taking a significant amount of damage from enemies. 

Items like a Butterfly and Radiance can help Weaver mutilate his opponents. You can unlock upgrades for Germinate Attack from his Talent Tree to make Weaver an unstoppable carry hero. He is one of the fastest heroes in the game. 


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