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Retro Video Games That Include Betting

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The entertainment value of gambling has been acknowledged since time immemorial. Over the years, the gambling industry has grown at an exponential rate, with the incorporation of various technologies further boosting its growth. The industry generates enormous profits and has a towering presence in many countries.

Several nations support the legality of gambling, owing to its significant contribution to their economies. For example, the UK Gambling Commission regulates all gambling activities in the UK. The commission requires all its licensees to register with GamStop. Gamblers can use GamStop to self-exclude themselves from gambling activities. You must look elsewhere if you want to do sports betting without GamStop before your self-exclusion period expires. Luckily, there are many overseas casinos they can select from.

In this article, we will explore retro video games that feature gambling as their central theme. These video games have been a part of the gaming industry for several decades and are still cherished by many. Nostalgia is attached to these games, and revisiting them is always a pleasant experience. Therefore, we will delve into the details of some of these games and explore their gambling elements.

Vegas Stakes

One of the notable games we have included in our list is Vegas Stakes by Nintendo. Its elaborate depiction of gambling makes it an exceptional game. Nintendo released the game in 1993, which revolves around a story based on gambling in Las Vegas.

Despite its age, the game has stood the test of time and offers an impressive integration of gaming and gambling, which was quite a unique concept during its time.

Super Mario 2

Super Mario 2, a renowned game title in the gaming world, boasts remarkable gambling elements that are impossible to miss. Developed by Nintendo, the game features slot machines after each level, where the player must line up three identical symbols to progress to the next level. This outstanding feature adds an extra layer of intrigue to the game.

Super Mario has been an immensely popular franchise that continues to be in demand in various stores. It is a nostalgic game that has been a vital part of many people’s childhood, and reminiscing about it brings back fond memories of the past.

Lynx Casino

Lynx Casino is the next retro game that deserves our attention for its gambling element. This game dates back to an early period and highlights the theme of extensive gambling. It can also be seen as a card-playing tutorial due to the various gambling features included in the game, providing an opportunity to acquire excellent gaming skills.

Moreover, the game could be a precursor to today’s online gambling sites like It is possible that the website drew some inspiration from Lynx Casino while developing its platform.

Las Vegas Tycoon

The PC game, Las Vegas Tycoon, allowed players to create and oversee their own casinos in the city of Las Vegas. Gamers could customize the layout of their casino, employ staff members, and determine the odds for the games.

Additionally, the game featured various betting games such as blackjack, craps, and slot machines. Despite the outdated graphics due to the technology limitations of that time, managing and developing a virtual casino in the game was an innovative and captivating experience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, retro video games that include betting offer a unique glimpse into the history of video games and gambling. While the graphics and gameplay may appear simplistic by today’s standards, the inclusion of betting mechanics added an extra layer of excitement to these games.


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