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Key World of Warcraft Mechanics You Might Like

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WoW confidently holds one of the leading positions in the status of the best MMO RPGs, which after a year not only do not lose their popularity, but also attract new players to their regular updates.

The old gamers are back and taking out their delayed heroes. to try out the Dragon Islands, new raids and free flight mechanics, some even used a boosting services WoW to get to level 60 faster and hit the road to new adventures.

Permanent PVP

World of Warcraft is based on the well-known and recognizable throughout the world concept of confrontation between two factions – the Horde and the Alliance. These are two irreconcilable opponents and unions, which include various races and classes.

Do not worry and think that from the first minutes you will be thrown into the muzzle of war and constant battles.

You will go through the training system, get acquainted with the quest system and learn your first skills. The first 20 levels, you will not intersect with representatives of the enemy faction in any way, which will give you more time to prepare.

When you complete various tasks and follow new locations, they will be common to representatives of both factions, so there will always be a chance to meet the enemy.

But do not worry – firstly, you will not be at the location yourself and there will always be allies with you, and representatives of enemy factions will not exceed you in level.

The second moment is more pleasant – all fights against representatives of enemy factions of the same level as you, or of a superior level, are rewarded in case of victory.

There is a special emphasis on coincidence, or superiority of levels, because if you hunt low-level heroes, you simply will not receive a reward.

For the victory, you will receive Valor coins, which can be accumulated and exchanged for special equipment and weapons of a good level, which will have increased performance in PVP.

If you are focusing more on PvE and collecting resources and don’t want to waste time on spontaneous battles, then you can just go to a PvE server without the ability to attack other players.

Grinding and gathering resources

To be honest, some players in MMO RPGs come for relaxation and monotonous resource extraction, and if the process and collection are made interesting, then gamers stay in such projects for years.


In World of Warcraft, there are many territories with unique monsters that were added as part of the next updates that crowded out each other.

When a new add-on comes out, all players receive levels in it, but if you wish, you can choose the old format that is closer to you and destroy monsters and extract resources on game maps.

Gathering resources

You can engage in full-fledged professions that allow you to get additional resources from monsters and at the same time collect all the materials that are available to everyone.

Gather everything you can get from monsters, there will be materials that profession masters need, and no additional skills are required, such as web, which is used to create thread and fabric.

Gathering Professions

You can combine your grinding with the collection of special resources that are massively needed by artisans and which will help you make good money, or develop your own specializations and skills.

Collect all herbs and plants that light up when interacting and sell them to alchemists and first-aiders for additional income, or leveling up your own professions and creating potions and medicines.

Buy a butcher knife and skin animals to sell to leather workers, or work your own leather and create light armor, bags, gloves and accessories for crafters.

Buy a pickaxe and grind in the mountains to simultaneously process additional resources like ores and gems that blacksmiths and jewelers need to produce steel products and jewelry and jewels.

Optional but nice additional professions

Each hero can choose no more than two professions, regardless of their direction. But at the same time, there are three additional activities that are available to all players, regardless of the professions already chosen.

You can choose from fishing, cooking and archeology.


This is a profession that allows you to catch any fish in all the waters that are on the continental Azeroth.

You will come across two types of fish – ordinary and special.

Ordinary fish is suitable for cooking and will come across different quality, which will directly affect the quality of the dishes.

Special fish is not used for food and nowhere else except for grinding into reagents and use in alchemy, inscription and jewelry.

Please note that each reservoir has its own type of fish, and if you want to catch a specific type, then you need to open a new interface, find fish, see the place to catch it and the species that are found there and go fishing.


This profession is closely related to fishing as a source of resources and products, but if you wish, you can get by with meat, which will also fall out during normal hunting.

Cooking will help you create dishes that will increase the characteristics of the hero, depending on the quality of the initial preparations and products.

A high-level cook creates full-fledged feasts for a large group of players, which is actively used by guilds and groups that go on raids to gain an advantage in all possible cases.


This is an activity that is classified as a profession due to the possibility of pumping and extracting rare items, directly related to the history of continental Azeroth.

You need to look for marks with a shovel on the mini-map and the general territorial map – these are important historical places that can be explored as part of the additional profession related to archeology.

An additional bonus will be the achievement system, which will allow the player to receive passive bonuses and increases in performance and unique items and animals as a reward for excavations and efforts made.


WoW has a whole system of raids, like large zones that are inhabited by the boss and retinue, and which include large groups of players to try to get a lot of experience and unique equipment and weapons.

You have to learn how to analyze the behavior of the boss, understand his strengths and weaknesses, take into account all the main attacks and be able to dodge them correctly.

Your main task is to constantly increase the level of difficulty of the raids themselves in order to accumulate high-quality equipment that will help speed up the character development and the rate of obtaining gold.

Raids are simple, heroic and mythic.

The difference between the two lies in the difficulty and speed of the boss itself and the strength of its skills and reload rates, the number of players it takes to enter, and the quality of gear and weapons that can be obtained if you win.


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