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Why Do People Love Retro Games

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Games have been around for as long as computers and portable gaming devices have been around. Gameplay, graphics, sound and the number of milestones that the player must pass in order to win a level have all improved over time. However, despite the major strides that have been made in the gaming scene, people are always going back in time to play retro games.

What is the pull that gets people to try old games? Should you try some retro games? Which are the best retro games that you might consider? Let’s explore all these areas as we review the golden era of gaming.

What Makes Games Retro?

Retro games are those that are played on systems, software platforms, and hardware that have been discontinued, outmoded, or improved. Some of these games can only be played on particular hardware, while others can be played on modern hardware via compilations and ports.

You will also find retro games that are made based on the current software and hardware systems. Game creators sometimes make retro titles to give players a nostalgic feel for an earlier title that was popular. This is common with game compilations.

Popular new retro games are mostly turn-based combat and RPG games that come with pixel art and an isometric camera perspective. Some casinos also offer a retro casino feel with the old slot machines and card games. Playzilla Casino for Kiwis is one platform where you can play both retro titles and newer casino games.

What Makes Retro Titles Popular?

There are different reasons why people may try retro games even if they have modern gaming systems. Let’s look at some.

The Nostalgic Trip

Many people who go back to retro games played them at some point in their lives. By revisiting the games, the players are going back in time to recall the golden experiences of the period. This experience combines some escapism with the positive thoughts of the easy lives that they lived. It also provides some form of comfort by recalling how far they have moved from the time period in question.

If you wish to have a similar experience, consider checking out games that you played in your youth and feeling the experiences that they bring to life. It is also good to try a few titles you did not get a chance to try.


The Good Gameplay

While quality graphics and sound contribute to the quality of the game. A quality gaming experience goes beyond this. When retro games were being designed, creators had limitations in terms of the technology, hardware capabilities, and tools available to create various scenes. They made up for this lack with inventive features, great gameplay and strong storylines.

This inventiveness was the major pull toward playing the game. Players would get hooked on a game to meet a particular goal, which meant passing various hoops that were also fun to play. This rustic feel has been lost in many modern games. Therefore, people looking to have a good time love going back in time to experience it.

Less Sophisticated is Gaming Strength

If you take a look at most of the new games, you will notice that their creators have taken so much time to refine the details of each scenery. While this creates a realistic feel to the game in question, it also makes the game complicated. This means that the learning curve is longer and may cause players to lose the enjoyment that comes with playing the games.

However, earlier games had straightforward gameplay. You knew what you needed to win a level. There were a few options and alternatives, such as cars, avatars, and scenes. This simple gameplay made it fun, as there was no conscious effort to understand what you were doing or make complicated strategy moves. Surprisingly, most people love the ‘thought-free’ gaming experience and would like to have it again.

Less Focus on Sharpening Your Skills

Most modern games are more games of skill than luck. For you to move up the levels, you have to spend considerable time honing your skills and becoming better than your competition. Enjoyment comes from being able to crush your competition with ease.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and patience to improve their skills. This may mean that they will never move beyond the initial levels. However, for retro games, there was little in the way of honing your skills.

You can move up the levels quite fast without knowing anything about the game prior to trying it. Here, you do not spend more time learning how to play than playing the actual game.

Lower Cost of Entry

The cost of playing retro games is another factor that draws players to them. Most popular modern games require customized hardware if you want an immersive experience. Others are freemium titles, where you can only play to a specific level for free and have to pay to unlock higher levels. While the general cost per level is low, the cost can grow quite fast, especially if you love playing different titles.

Retro games have a lower cost of entry. The devices are cheaper and most of the titles can be played with ease on your phone or computer. Several titles have also been redesigned to play on your browser, making it easier to try.

Try playing several titles before settling on a few that you will be playing regularly. Most retro sites allow you to play various titles for free. Take advantage of this and experience various gameplay modes.

When games have to be downloaded, check if they are compatible with your device. This ensures that you do not waste time downloading games you cannot play. Finally, only download games from reputable sites to avoid letting malware and viruses into your device.


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