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St. Canard has been ravaged by a strange crimewave and the team at S. H. U. S. H. has called upon the powers of the awesome Darkwing Duck to help solve the mysteries! It turns out the Steelbeak is behind the acts and he has recruited six of Darkwing's enemies to wreak havoc on the town. You must help Darkwing battle through the hordes of evil dudes to bring down the F. O. W. L. network of criminals and return peace to the town once again.

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Darkwing Duck is an online retro game which you can play for free here at playretrogames.com It is Has been rated times. and has a rating of 0 It has the tags: arcade, adventure, skill, and was added on Feb 01, 2015. It has been played 3944 times and is available for the following systems: gb / gb / Nintendo Game Boy You can also play Darkwing Duck unblocked.