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A deadly wizard called Hargon has destroyed the once-mighty Moonbrooke Castle and your hero, the prince of Midenhall, must embark on an amazing quest to bring him to justice and save the lands from certain doom! Take up your sword and shield as you enter the world of Dragon Quest I & II and defeat the the dragons and wizards holding the lands to ransom! Rest not until your people and lands are safe from evil!

Great titles fromk this system are easily found in the Nintendo Super NES section. If you'd prefer to get involved with other brilliantly cool games then you will want to try out Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy in Monster Land and the amazing Diablo!


Dragon Quest I & II is an online retro game which you can play for free here at playretrogames.com It has the tags: rpg, adventure, quest, action, and was added on Feb 14, 2015. It has been played 7635 times and is available for the following systems: snes / sfc / Nintendo Super NES You can also play Dragon Quest I & II unblocked.