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Take the lead and guide your team of elite rangers through hostile territory as you try to complete your mission and make it home alive. Compile a team of badass fighters - from grenadiers, snipers and gunners - to then take on complex and dangerous missions to liberate 4 different areas like Longtain Airbase to the island of Sicily. Use your strategic assault skills and, of course, awesome weapons to hunt down and eliminate the enemies before they Take out your team!

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Spec Ops - Covert Assault is an online retro game which you can play for free here at playretrogames.com It is Has been rated times. and has a rating of 0 It has the tags: action, shooting, and was added on Feb 02, 2015. It has been played 3494 times and is available for the following systems: Sony PlayStation You can also play Spec Ops - Covert Assault unblocked.